First Impressions by Jordan

 As one of the earliest English travelers described Africans, they were “a people of beastly living, without a God, lawe, religion, or common wealth”-which was to say that Negroes were not Englishmen (Jason,47). The concept of whiteness as the opposite of blackness like purity and filthiness, virginity and sin, virtue and baseness, beauty and ugliness, beneficence and evil, God and the devil. The concept of  Heathenism was discovered in Africa with the weakness in the flourishing Christianity. Englishmen found blackness in human beings a peculiar and important point of difference with the greatest  significance in social facts than scientific problem and Negroes had been known to Christians for ages as a land of men radically different in religion. Englishmen distinguished between the heathenism of Indians and of Negroes with Indians inherently superior to Negroes candidates far easier to contemplate converting Indians than Negroes. Failure to be Englishmen and lack of civilized manners; caused refusal to measure up to proper standard.

English voyagers were beforehand in their clothing, housing, farming, warfare, language, government, morals, and in their table manners that fetch Englishmen unquenchable thirst for details of savage lie. The savagery of the Indians assumed a special significance in the minds of those actively engaged in a program of planting civilization in the American wilderness. On the other hand remodeling the African natives was not a beneficial to Englishmen in order to civilizing the Negroes. Slave traders in Africa necessarily handled Negroes the same way men in England handled beasts, herding and examining and buying, as with any other animals which were products of commerce.


Online Assignments

  1. Why would Beauvoir repeatedly note the similarities to the position of women and Blacks in the US but not mention any differences? (Daniel S.)


“Negroes are inferior for the American racist” (pg.676) similarly the power of freedom and liberty has not granted to women. The voice of women is like an avalanche which eventually disappears in the mass ruled by men as a white man sanitized blacks for their achievements being rowdyish. Feminacy exists only in books and libraries but in this real world man has superiority as Black man cannot stand next to White. Women have abdicated their existence and serve man as Blacks lost their sovereignty and serve their masters. In deed both women and Blacks have no sovereignty in the US. The world is ruled by men and in that world the existence of women and Blacks is necessary for men but not important. Therefore the position of women and Blacks in the US have diversity but unavailing to the real world.



  1. Despite the importance of centralizing the feminist movement, is there still a way for individual women to define feminism the way they choose based on their race, religion, class, etc.?


Feminacy has strong bond with each of the race, religion, class and more as it occupied half of the world. The pace of feminist movement is crawling because most of the way that individual women choose regarding their race, religion, class and so on are against them and contrived by men for their benefit. Feminist movement has to prior refining the position of women accordingly and presence an icon and achievements to the world to penetrate their hindrance on their race and religion. Most of the race and religion freeze the freedom and independence of women in those scenario women has to be enlightened to aware for her being other half part of the entire world. In deed despite of the feminism lead by any race, religion, class etc. an individual women has develop the effrontery to own her not by others.